The Upper East Regional Minster, Hon. Stephen Yakubu this morning received Col. Kwadwo Damoah Rtd, the Commissioner of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Customs Division in his office.

In a short discussion, the Regional Minister pleaded with the GRA, Customs Division to work hand-in- hand with other security services to effectively patrol the unapproved entry points which are porous to prevent illegal migrants into the country.

He urged the Customs Division of GRA to attach patriotism and professionalism to their work so that they could rake – in the needed tax revenue so the sector could achieve its annual target obligation towards the development of the nation.

Hon. Yakubu also pleaded with the Commissioner to assist in providing some hand-held scanners to check the heavy trucks coming-in with tomatoes, onion and other food stuff which miscreants might be hiding some small arms under them.

He asked the commissioner to station an officer at Shaanxi Gold Mining Ltd. located in Talensi to properly assess the quantum of gold mined there so that the requisite tax would be paid to propel the development in the region.

Col. Damoah Rtd. welcomed the ideas from the Regional Minister and assured him that his men are up to the task adding that other officers would soon pass out to feed up the number on the ground.

He added that another important issue which boarded on security considering the terrorists attacks in the Sahel Region as he said they are working in tandem with colleagues security agencies to avert it before it plunges the country into insecurity.

Col. Damoah Rtd was on office tour of the region to familiarize himself with the living and working conditions of his staff and to find measures to improve upon them. His tour took him to Mognori, Pulmakom, Kulungugu, Zuarungu, Missiga and Zebilla all in the Upper East Region.

He was accompanied by Francis Talongo, Assistant Commissioner of the GRA Customs Division, Samuel Owusu Sector Commander-Bolgatanga, Johnson M. Yankey, Chief Revenue Officer in charge of communication and Public Affairs and Joshua Quatey, Communication Staff Officer.

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