The Upper East Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu has urged all security forces in the Upper East to join forces and share information to help nip in the bud all criminal activities in the region.

He said in order to do this effectively and efficiently he would have regular interaction with them to strategize and detect plans by the criminals especially those involve foreigners.

Hon. Yakubu made this remarks today when he paid a working visit to the 11 Mechanized Battalion Camp at Bazua and Mognori in Binduri District and Bawku Municipality respectively.

Touching on the recent swoop organized by the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service and the National Intelligence Bureau resulting in the arrest of 507 Nigerians and thirteen Burkina Faso Nationals, Hon. Yakubu asked, if there was effective and efficient collaboration among the forces, how could these foreign criminals entered the region and engaged in criminal acts for close to two years on the blind side of the securities?

The Regional Minister also touched on the tribal conflicts which mostly    result from of land dispute.  Citing the Kandiga and Doba conflict as an example and appealed to the security forces to find amicable ways to resolve conflicts before they are out of hand.

Briefing the Regional Minister, Lt. Col Mintah Agymong, the Commanding Officer gave the highest assurance that his men are ever ready to defend the territorial boundaries of the country.

He said in attempt to prevent the infiltration of terrorists from Burkina Faso, the Ghana Armed Force launched operation conquered Fist inCinkasse in Togo as a way to collaborate with the Togolese forces to curb criminal or terrorist activities along the border.

Lt. Col Agymong mentioned Operation GONGONG, Operation CALMLIFE and HALT I,I II, III are some of the strategies they have deplored to protect the territorial boundaries of Ghana.