Hon. Tangoba Assures UE-RHC Of Continuous Support

The Upper East Regional Minister Hon. Tangoba Abayage, has assured the leadership and members of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs [UE/RHC] that, the Regional Coordinating Council under her administration will continue to assist the House in the discharge of its mandate across all traditional areas of the region.

Hon. Tangoba gave the assurance in her address at the official inauguration of the House this Wednesday afternoon and also acknowledged that, “the progress and development of our Region cannot be achieved without the active participation and support of traditional rulers”. She consequently revealed that, she had lobbied for budgetary support for the arbitration efforts of the House amongst other responsibilities. She further commended the chiefs for their dedication to the welfare of their people and constant collaboration with government culminating in the region remaining one of the peaceful places in Ghana.

The Regional Minister however used the opportunity to appeal to the House to strive further and find amicable settlement to all outstanding land and chieftaincy disputes in the region such that whenever the region’s name is mention, it would not be associated with such negatives but rather, it should be associated with the good works of government such as good roads, potable water and jobs for the youth.

Touching on the country’s gradual navigation towards the December 2020 general elections which as of today has 75 more days to go, Hon. Tangoba also cautioned the chiefs to be constantly reminded of the constitutional injunction on them not to indulge in politics. These are her direct words to the chiefs “I will like to mention in particular that within your jurisdictions, you have subjects and residents coming from the various political philosophies. Your therefore need to tread carefully to be seen as neutral so that in the midst of political diversity, you can play your role as true politically independent traditional rulers. In this way, you can gain and win the support of all your people for the development of the community no matter their political affiliations”.

Queen Mothers also witnessed the inauguration
Queen Mothers also witnessed the inauguration

Hon. Tangoba also reiterated the resolve of the Nana Addo-led government not to interfere in chieftaincy affairs but was quick to add that nonetheless, government will not “sit on the fence” if seeming insecurity and threat to life were likely to be occasioned by chieftaincy disputes or communal violence of any form. She said government was working closely with all stakeholders regarding the pending general elections so as to ensure a violence-free electioneering season before, during and after the elections.

She also took time to touch on the COVID-19 pandemic and warned that all was well not well yet. She thus appealed to the region’s populace through the chiefs for the continuous adherence to all safety protocols. Meanwhile, she called on the region’s youth to use every available platform and opportunity to preach peace and co-existence amongst all persons as there is, and will always be life after elections.

Meanwhile in his welcome address to the House earlier, outgoing President of the UE/RHC who is also the Paramount Chief for the Naaga Traditional Area, Naba Olando Ayamga Awini disclosed that the House recently swore in some new members from the Zuarungu, Bawku and Builsa traditional areas. That swearing-in he added, had legal backing from the passage of LI 2049 of 2020, that same LI that paved the way for the creation of the six new Regional Houses of Chiefs following the country’s promulgation of six new regions after an earlier successful referendum in selected old regions.

In a tété-a-tété with the media after the day’s proceedings, the incoming President of the House and Paramount Chief for the Chiana traditional area, PƐ Ditungdini Adiali Ayagitam III pledged to work closely and in collaboration with all the paramountcies and traditional councils to put in place acceptable chieftaincy succession plans in order to stamp out chieftaincy disputes in the region. He also plans to champion the welfare of his colleague chiefs which should trickle down to their subjects whilst his dream is to put the House of Chiefs in a more befitting standing.

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