A ten member delegation from Bolgatanga, Nabdam Bongo and Tongo popularly referred as BONABOTO today paid a courtesy call on the Regional Minister to discuss some development issues.

The Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu thanked them for coming and used the occasion to lay bare some of the challenges facing the Region.

He described the Regional Capital, Bolgatanga as the “eye” of the region, however, the nature of buildings are not according to plan also the littering of the environment and the reluctance to release land for development.

He added that the greatest disadvantage of the region is related to the kind of politics played in the region where as Upper Eastners, they don’t work together to attract a common project because “I am an NDC and the other is an NPP”

Hon. Yakubu, therefore, passionately appealed to BONABOTO to see themselves as development partners irrespective of their political inclinations “I can’t do it alone you can’t equally do it alone we need each other’s support”, he stressed.

The Regional Minister also advised the media to positively project the region when they have the chance to do  so but not constantly talking down the region adding that  those negative remarks discourage potential investors and other professionals from investing  or accepting posting into the region.

He assured the residents of enough security since the security experts are on top of their jobs and added that the insecurity has gone down in the recent times in the region.

The Chairman of the BONABOTO group, Dr. Esmond Agurgo Balfour assured the Minister of their support and readiness to back his vision and aspiration to develop the region.

He touched on a lot of issues including working with the security agencies for safety in the region, building a Regional Sports Complex to support the talents of the youth and also to ensure that the region gets a Regional Airport to quicken the necessary development of the region.

Dr. Agurgo Balfour said BONABOTO in the diaspora such UK and USA have being supporting some institutions in the region including the Regional Hospital and schools in cash or in kind.

Some of the dignitaries included Dr. Esmond Agurgo Balfour, Lecturer at C.K Tedam University of Applied Science and Technology, Mr. Robert Ajene a retired Educationist, Rex Asanga, Parliamentary candidate for NPP for Bolgatanga   Central Constituency just ended election among others.